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Break Sieges Against Your Life and Release Your Blessings At Power Of Resurrection Christian Church.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The Ressuraction Christian Church. aka Pillar Of Light Sanctuary.

Address: 71/73 Olaleye Ogunsola Villa Alamala Sanyo Ibadan off Lagos-Ibandan Expressway Ibandan oyo state, Nigeria.

Phone: 080-332-590-94

Worship with us to Break all Demonic Sieges and Restrictions Against Your Life and Release Your Blessings At Power Of Ressuraction Christian Church.

Get the most intensive spiritual warfare deliverance devotional to deal with strong & stubborn spiritual problems, break evil yokes, destroy controlling powers, reverse curses, spells and activate favors and blessings.

Discover evil doorways & demonic sieges, break hidden curses, covenants & ties. Discover & destroy negative strongholds. Destroy witchcraft & wicked spirits Destroy marine spirits, spirit husbands & wives. Deal with evil dreams & demonic messengers. Break generational /family tree curses. Obtain total deliverance & healing, activate favors, blessings & breakthroughs. Release your spiritual gifts and experience unusual miracles.

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REVELATION Recently, god began to show me why many believers seem to have prayed and prayed and never obtained their deliverance and breakthrough. LORD showed me that there are many believers who are under a siege. The enemy has created a spiritual siege against them, forcing them to be locked out of their help and blessings.

So they cry, wail, make positive declarations, sow seeds, yet still can’t access their blessings and deliverance because of the power of the siege. All they need to do is re-strategize their prayers and begin to command the spiritual barricades against their lives to be destroyed.

If you have prayed, commanded, made daily declarations, and even occasionally fasted, yet it still seems like there is something wrong somewhere; it still seems like there is a blockade over your life; it still seems like there is some kind of spiritual pursuit after you; you still feel like there is a cloud of darkness hovering over your life and family, then it’s time to go full blast and give yourself no rest until the sieges are destroyed. Apostle & Adebowale.



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